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Dr Patel is so kind and explains everything regarding Stem Cells quite well.

I decided to go forward with stem cell therapy and found it to be easy and painless! Dr Suzanna was great and spent a lot of time with me prior to doing the injections, answering all of my remaining questions! Everyone at the office is so pleasant and make each visit a pleasure! It has only been a short time since my treatment began and I'm feeling some improvement & am looking forward to continued improvement as the stem cells replicate!


I recently visited Advanced Physical Medicine on 6/10/19 and I decided to try the stem cell therapy for my back. I was put on a diet to help with my weight and the procedure, and went back on the 14th to do the stem cell injection. I was a little nervous, I have to say, but Suzanna was very kind hearted and very nice explaining everything to me, I didn't feel a thing but a little bit of stinging from the cold spray. I didn't even know she had did it and was done. It took 5 minutes and within one hour I was already feeling a lot relief from the pain. It was almost to good to be true. It is now August and I'm amazed at how good I feel. I'm 85% better, it's truly been a blessing. I'm also down 20 lbs, I have been struggling with my weight issues for several years and I cannot believe I finally found a solution that doesn't require taking medicine. I'm so very happy! 😊


I feel great after having the stem cells injected into my knees. If you are considering to have this done recommend it. I am thankful!!


The treatment process has been communicated clearly and the results have occurred as explained by the medical plan. I have experienced significant reduction in pain in my knees and have got my full walking stride back. The weight loss program and re-education on proper diet to reduce inflammation has also helped in that I lost almost 40 lbs. in the 6 week program and am maintaining that loss despite my heavy business travel schedule. I look forward to my continued improved results at my 12 week visit.


Great attention to care and very accommodating with appointments. The office staff is very friendly and ultimately, I feel better! Mission accomplished.


I've been a patient at Advanced Physical Medicine due to previous sports related injuries, car accidents and my family history of degenerative disc disease. Prior to receiving stem cells, spinal decompression, and MLS M6 Laser, I experienced moderate to severe pain. As a result of my discomfort, my personal and career goals were directly impacted. Over the course of my treatment, my pain steadily decreased while the quality of my life increased. I'm thankful for the entire staff at Advanced Physical Medicine as they are sincere, accommodating, and personable.


Advanced physical medicine have done a great job so far for me! I’ve shown at least 65% improvement and I’m really confident that it is going to get even better.


I would highly recommend stem cell therapy for any joint pain. This office is very good at explaining the process that you under go. The staff is very professional, supportive and friendly.


I started with pain every day and now I can actually say that I wake up pain free. It was unconventional but I am very happy that I used this method of pain control.


hi I am a gulf war vet and have been slowly falling apart . Cant pick anything up can't hardly walk and in so much pain in my knees and back it is hard to get out of bed . It has been 2 weeks since my injections and it is unbelievable the pain relief I have already this is the best thing I have done for my body . Can't wait to see how much better I feel the longer I have the stem cell in my body . Thank you so much for this it has been awesome !!!


Within a few weeks my rotator cuff tear was feeling much better. It's been 4 months now and I have zero pain and a full range of motion!


I have really enjoyed my time coming here, the staff have been very helpful, professional, and assuring during my recovery.


I enjoy coming here, the staff have been very helpful and pleasant in my recovery. Since I've had the stem cell injections my pain level is improving every day!


My name is Edie and I was treated at Advanced Physical Medicine 12 weeks ago for chronic pain in the hip and leg/ankle post a horrible car accident 7 years ago. After the accident I had been suffering from pain and severe lack of mobility. It has been 12 weeks since I received umbilical stem cell injections and IV push. I am already seeing changes in my life and activity. I am able to walk more, spend time in my garden, and be in less pain than I have been in years. I look forward to continued progress!


I would highly recommend this office for cutting edge pain relief.


Nice staff, and helped with my pain.

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