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A pain-free life is closer than you think

At Advanced Physical Medicine we specialize in diagnosing and treating patients with chronic pain. Whether the result of a recent or previous injury, our caring and highly trained medical experts are dedicated to finding fast, safe, and effective pain relief options to improve your overall quality of life, no matter the diagnosis.

Our “whole-body” approach to healing allows us to quickly identify and alleviate chronic pain conditions ranging from fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, diabetes, back pain, and widespread joint pain — with most patients finding the help they need, even if they’ve had unsuccessful treatments in the past.

As one of the only multidisciplinary treatment centers in the Charlotte area to provide regenerative therapy, we proudly welcome new patients of all ages to our practice and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your family’s busy lifestyle.

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  • Whether you suffer from acute pain, a previous injury, or unidentified chronic pain, we can help!