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Dr. Binoy Shah, MD

Hello and Welcome to Advanced Physical Medicine! I'm excited that you're making the first steps towards a healthier, more functional YOU!

I'm Dr. Binoy Shah and I lead the team here at APM. As a doubly Board-Certified physician in both Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, I'm acutely aware of the ramifications of long-term treatment with medications, including the risks of addiction with most commonly prescribed pain medications. My primary specialty is helping patients overcome their addictions to lead more functional, fulfilling lives.

Regenerative Medicine is a natural evolution to that line of thought. We're finally finding ways to more effectively treat a variety of conditions, without medications and the risks they entail. As a physician, I clearly believe there is a place for medications in a treatment plan. However, our goal at APM is to provide improvement in your daily functioning without the need for medication and to provide lasting benefits with the fewest treatments possible!

From your initial consultation through each of your treatments, our staff at APM will work hard to ensure you have the best possible outcome. Of course, you will have to do your part too! This is a team effort and we expect that you'll work toward your own success, as well. You're here because you want something different, and we'll work together to help you reach your goals.


Johana Perez

My name is Johana Perez; I’m from Colombia, S.A; and have been here since I was 17 years old. I started working in the medical field at vision works as an eyewear specialist. Later I transferred to Novant Health care. Where I became certified as an Spanish translator. I love working with and helping people. After almost 3 years of working with Novant; I applied for my current position at this facility. During my interview I was amazed by how caring and kind the doctors and my fellow colleagues were. I immediately felt as if I was part of their family and feel in love with the job and the work we do; we provide many unique procedures that get our patients back healthy and staying healthy . I can proudly say I wake up every day happy and excited to go work.

Chris Anderson, MD

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